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Green Valley Burger

We bring to you the crispy & deliciously seasoned vegetarian patty, battered & breaded to perfection, with our secret spices and topped with our mint mayo, crisp lettuce, pickles, chilli sauce, fresh tomato, onion and cheddar cheese, served on a freshly toasted bun.


Creamy Dutch Tikki Burger

A twisted fusion of Street style tikki (potato) patty, Dutch inspired coleslaw, fresh tomato, onion, with a hint of mint & tamarind sauce in a perfectly toasted Bun.


Noodle Bomb Burger

Our innovative street food style burger with a potato veggie patty, mildly spiced Ramen noodles, veggies, onion, tomato and a slice of cottage cheese, served on a freshly toasted sesame seed bun.


Wild Samosa Bunn

Crispy samosa, onions and our signature chutneys in a soft brioche bun toasted in butter.



Samosa Poutine

Fresh crispy samosa, regular classic veggie gravy, cheese curds and topped with onions & banana peppers


Butter Lick’in Poutine

Crispy straight cut fries, cheese curds, in house special cashew & tomato gravy


7T Bowls


Yogurt Lentil Dumplings (Dahi Bhalla)

Fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth lentil dumplings are coated in a simple creamy yogurt, and topped with mint and classic sweet & sour chutney. Garnished with pomegranate and crunchy chickpea noodles. (served cold)



Samosa Chaat

A very popular classic street food made with crushed samosas, topped with chickpeas, creamy yogurt, mint-coriander and sweet & sour chutney. Garnished with onions.

Chaat Paapdi

Crispy Cracker Chaat (Chaat Paapdi)

A very crispy & crunchy savory snack made with puffed crispy crackers and lentil dumplings, topped with mint-coriander, sweet & sour chutney and creamy yogurt. Garnished with pomegranate seed. (served cold)



Potato Cutlet (Aloo Tikki)

A very popular classic street food made with potato cutlets stuffed with lentils, topped with creamy yogurt, mint-coriander andsweet & sour chutney. Garnished with fresh pomegranate and onions



7T Snacks

7T Fries

7T Fries

Try our crispy potato & onions fritters, lightly battered in perfectly seasoned chickpea flour








An all time favourite snack and a chai companion made with fried pastry with savory filling of potatoes, peas and spices. (We come in a pair)