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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where to find us ?

Your favourite Chai spot is located right next to Dairy Queen on Merivale road.

Why Food Truck ?

Because food truck was the best option for us to overcome the uncertainty of potential lockdowns. We decided to serve our precious chai lovers their favourite cup of chai without causing any interruption in the service. Being said that ” Even COVID-19 couldn’t stop us from bringing chai to our community “

Where does our Chai come from ?

In order to deliver on our promise of a great tasting cup of Chai, we source the highest quality tea from tea estates in INDIA, to give you the best brews. Sourced from exclusive estates and companies in Assam and Darjeeling, our team choose the best teas from premium plantations each season. The top-grade tea leaves we use are free of artificial colours and flavours, offering you not just great taste but also, good health each time you take a sip.

What are Seven Chakras? How it's related to Seven Tea Miles

In Yogic system, Chakras are the energy centers in our body which must be healed and fueled to keep them in the best working order and to benefit from them. There are about seven major chakras in our body. We named your favourite chai spot “Seven tea Miles” to mirror these Seven chakras of Life. Also, number seven represents positivity & completeness. Its not just food and drinks which we bring to the table, but a vibe of positivity, prosperity, happiness and satisfaction which come with it.

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