In Yogic system, Chakras literally means a wheel. We see it as a circle because it is radiating a certain dimension of energy and all radiations always happens in a circular form.

You may throw a triangular stone into a lake or river, still the ripples are circular, isn’t it? Well, that’s why see chakras in a circular form as it suggests movement from one dimension to another.

We are all interested in restoring and maintaining our energy levels. Chakras are the energy centers in our body, we can’t see them but they have a significant impact in our lives. Chakras need energy in the form of certain foods in moderate amounts to sustain themselves and to keep our energy flowing freely. There are some 114 chakras in the system but seven of them are held as major junction points which can be worked upon. Yoga teaches a lot about chakras and its importance.

Take an example of a coconut tree, a single coconut tree in southern India yields some 90 nuts per year, but a tree in a better managed farm at the same place would yield 240 to 250 nuts per year. It’s the farming which is different, the way it is managed or the type of soil used. In the same way, what we eat and how we manage our system effects Chakras and our life style. So, for a human being to flow to its full potential, he must fuel & heal these energy centers to keep them in the best working order and to benefit from them.

There are certain ways to make this happen which involves practicing Yoga, Meditation and eating healthy. Also, certain spices are believed to help restore the energy in these chakras.

The Seven major chakras

seven chakras