Our Culture

Here at Seven Tea Miles, we all work together as a family for the best interest of our guests and we strongly believe and stand upon “Giving Light to Others”

Our Mission

To offer a cup, full of Life, Positivity and Completeness!

Our Vision

To cultivate a better world & to see Seven Tea Miles being the face of future smiles

How it all started

It all started when Sourabh came to Ottawa, Canada to pursue Masters in Civil Engineering. It wasn’t long before he started craving the delicious cup of chai his family used to make back home. He continued to look for good tea spots but there weren’t any because coffee was more dominant and the rich heritage of tea was taken over by prepackaged dip teas.

That was it, he called back home for the secret chai recipe which runs in his family and started doing experiments with it. The chai turned out so amazing that he finally decided to give the perfect taste back to the community while filling this void in Ottawa.

His grandfather always used to say that, “You become what you eat “and believed that certain spices when added in the right amounts in your food can cure your body in certain ways.


Who we are now


By keeping the same secret recipe & old techniques running in the family for making a perfect cup of chai, we proudly opened the first true tea café in Ottawa.

Seven Tea Miles was born in September 2021, a contemporary interpretation of chai spot serving freshly brewed Chai with top quality tea leaves. Other than hot and cold beverages, we serve a variety of gourmet street food snacks & sweets as well. We serve food items made with fresh locally produced ingredients.

We are committed to provide a cozy and comfortable environment to our guests while offering them a vibe of positivity and goodness of Seven Chakras of Life in a Cup, which itself represents completeness.